Fleet Services


Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Services are available for fleet customers. Deaton PM Services can track your PM Intervals and ensure manufacturer's intervals are adhered to. Our PM Services can track multiple PM Inspections for the latest fleet programs protecting all the components on the chassis.

All Makes and All Model Repairs

Deaton Services all makes and all models.  We have quality trained technicians to provide customers with the needed experience to complete the needed repairs.

Electronic Diagnostics

Deaton Service Centers are fully equipped with diagnostic test computers to properly diagnose and service your engines and electronic controlled components.

Major Component Overhaul

Our Service Centers are equipped to provide all component overhaul of all the vehicles components

Service Analytics

Deaton Service System is powered by Karmak Technologies. Our service management system allows reporting of vehicle maintenance management and component cost analysis.

Management Consulting

Deaton Consulting provides consulting services to our customers in USDOT Compliance, Driver Meetings, USDOT Audits and USDOT Maintenance Management Reporting.

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